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I want to start by saying that I completely disagree with shaming those who choose to keep quiet about this topic. The last thing we need is more division. We need a united front. It makes me sick to see people saying things like “if you’re not talking about this you’re a racist”… blah.. blah.. blah. Grow the F#$% up! Stop listening to what the media is telling you to do. Think for yourself! Do your own research and talk about what you’ve learned if you desire. if not, that’s fine too. It’s important to help raise awareness, but, a house divided WILL FALL. Most importantly, love those the way you’d want to be loved.
My heart is broken. Broken for George Floyd, for his family and friends. Broken for the injustice and the racism that is like a cancer still raging through the body of this country. I had no intention of posting anything about this tragic incident. But, the image of a helpless man pinned to the ground at the hands of a cold hearted killer is too loud for me to ignore any further.
I have spent a large part of my life involved in outreach and community building in parts of my city where it needed it most. Men like Mr. Floyd were the figures we looked to for direction and guidance on how best to serve the community. In fact, Mr Floyd was seen speaking out against the gun violence amongst youth in his city a couple of days before his murder. Men like Mr. Floyd have been father figures, brothers and friends to me. I’ve witnessed first hand the atrocities of Police violence and abuse of power. I myself don’t feel safe around the police. I’ve experienced and seen far too much for me to believe that they have our best interest in mind. Think I’m overreacting? You try standing on the other side of a “public servant” while they threaten you with a firm grip on their gun.
BUT, let me be clear. NOT ALL POLICE ARE EVIL. There are most definitely good men out there in uniform. Sadly, more often than not, the reality is if you’re a dark skinned person life is very different. We used to throw around the phrase “driving while black” a term I heard from a mentor of mine. He explained to me when he is pulled over the reasoning for the stop something like, “to make sure you were wearing your seatbelt”, or you can insert any other bullshit reason in these quotation marks. My question is; how many more good men and women need to die for people to realize that this is happening everyday?!
Racism has never been dead, it’s a silent killer that corrupts the hearts of fallen men. Now more than ever we need the good men in uniform to take a stand and show the public there is an end to this in sight. Until then I will stand alongside my brothers and sisters, friends, and family. against the injustice that is so deeply rooted in this country.


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