Believe it or not, I started climbing after I had lost almost all of my vision when I was 14 years old. After getting used to this newly acquired perspective I began climbing. So, you might imagine just how important touch is to me. I’ve used normal climbing chalk through out all of my climbing thus far, (granted some blends are better then others.) However, I wasn’t aware it could get any better. After being shown FL chalk for the first time I was sold, not long afterwards I had my very own Gorilla grip in my bucket and ready for my sends! Keep in mind tactile feeling is of the up most importance to me as a blind climber. and FL chalk definitely provides that. Using the chalk is a pleasure with little to no extra clumps on your hands after applying, you’ll notice your hands seem to dry instantly without the chalk turning into a paste like substance. This feeling will carry onto the holds as you climb, you’ll notice that the usual slip you get from normal chalk is no longer there, and the confidence to throw from that sloper will be more apparent. after using the chalk you’ll notice your hands won’t feel as grimy and brittle as other chalk. Of course it’s still chalk and your hands will dry out. However, the powder definitely seems softer and more forgiving them chalk of old. On top of all this, the Fl chalk seems to add a noticeable level of sensitivity , I have been noticing better feeling through my fingers to the holds, and having an immediate positive feeling response, when “blindly” grabbing for my next hold. This of course is very important for me, since I’m literately seeing with my hands.